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Friday, September 24, 2010


So I decided to go with all my ideas for the blog. I will post excerpts from the story I am writing for feedback, and I will transpose my moleskine ramblings. Here's the first one I picked out, written in the bathroom at a party:
I hate that nervousness translates into your outward appearance. The minutia of a person's stance of movement can instantly tell everyone around what is going on inside their head. It's unconscious and nearly impossible to control. It hardly seems fair! Being nervous is unpleasant enough without it being so obvious to others. What if other emotions were readable like that? You look at the way someone carries themselves and think, "Hmm... they look anticipatory..."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New thoughts

So I've started carrying around an old friend, my trusty mini moleskine notebook and some interesting things have been happening. These random thoughts and ideas that come to me throughout the day, I have been writing them down instead of immediately disregarding them. Some of them are worthwhile, some are not. Some just need to be on paper. Some need to never be anyplace except the inside of my head. But the catch22 is that I never know which is which until weeks later when I re-read it. My new idea is to pick my favorites and transpose them onto this blog. I'll mull this over and get back to you.