Trucks are prohibited...but you are always welcome

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You are quiet, but when you choose to speak your words only benefit those who hear.
You have grown old before your time because the weight of the world rests heavy on your heart, but you have never lost the childlike way you look at the world.
You hold loosely to the things you have, you count it all as an undeserved gift. You give freely, the only natural response to being so blessed, you say.
Music comes from your fingertips, your mouth, and your soul; we both dance to the melody.
You hope all things, believe all things, love all things, and every day I thank God that one of those things is me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Old soul young soul

Yesterday, I sat in a coffee shop sipping hot tea, my fingers working nimbly on a cross-stitch pattern. Unwilling to be guilted into leaving the happy haven of my handiwork and personal thoughts, I turned my phone to silent and gingerly slipped it into my purse. That day, I felt I was an old soul in a young body.
Today, I wanted to run from my responsibilities, to be reckless, careless, shiftless... to fulfill my desires despite the inevitable consequences. Impulsive, petulant, naive, and hopeful, I felt I was a young soul trapped in an old body.
I think most people carry several different ages in their hearts at all times. Children act like adults, adults act like children, and eventually the lines begin to blur.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sometimes you just find yourself sitting there, cutting your food and thinking, "I'm just one mistake away from an adventure."