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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shmalentine's Day

Anyone who knows me knows I have a long, dark history with February 14th (and all festivities the day entails) and have a very low opinion of the whole holiday. One year I even sported a shirt emblazoned with the phrase, "Every time you wish someone a happy Valentine's day, God kills a kitten".  Ordinarily, I will gather all my single friends and we will hold an AntiValentine's day, where bitterness reigns and many zombie films are watched. This year however, I think I will break my glorious tradition of love-hating. I think this year I will accept the fact that just because Valentine's has been cruel to me, does not mean it hasn't been equally kind to others. I will smile rather than sneer at the couples and rejoice in the fact that someone is enjoying love, even if it is not me. Love is beautiful, friends. It can not be explained by mathematical equation or produced by artificial means. It just is, like the smell of rain or the sound of the wind in trees just is. If you have love in your life, whether it is eros, storge, phileo, or agape, treasure it and nurture it on the most loving day of the whole year.

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