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Friday, November 16, 2012


Lyrics to my newest song, written at 4am last night. I think it's mostly about the escapist fantasies of a 20something... but I'll leave it open to interpretation.

Who can catch me now?
What force governs my life, wild as the night?
sharpening my claws on the last thread
of the fabric of my old fight

I would laugh or cry
If I could remember the sounds, my new muscles twitch
and tug to pursue
The passions and prey I only dreamt  of before

The sun hit my fur like a first kiss
And I cried to the wind through my teeth:
'Take me somewhere with wide open spaces
Room to run, and the sun
Oh God, to be an animal!
Take me somewhere with no more blank faces
Staring down, without a sound
All these carnivores and cannibals!'

You're dismayed to find
Your hand no longer fits in mine
You act so surprised, but I realize
That four feet on the ground's the way to survive

I gave all my clothes to the Salvation Army
Don't need them now
None to impress, with elegant dress
Don't even need your love to keep me warm

(repeat chorus)
Take me somewhere, I know that it's out there
I've come undone
The taste on my tongue
It's so sweet, I'm just an animal....

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