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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fully grown, never aging

It's come to my attention recently that I don't look/dress my age.
I don't wear heels or anything I have to dry clean.
Among my requests for my recent 25th birthday was a onesie with unicorn print.
But I have some concrete evidence that though the childish spirit in me is very much alive and well, I do exhibit some adult-like behaviors. Here are a few to start (mostly to assuage the nudging suspicion that I'm gripping my immaturity like a security blanket).
-I both understand, and utilize, a 403B retirement plan
-I put monthly installments into my investment portfolio and have an iphone app to track stocks and progress of said investments
-I genuinely care about my credit score
-Cleaning day is a cherished part of my weekly schedule
-I both own and regularly use olive oil
-I have regular dentist visits.... voluntarily
-Staying in and playing board games now sounds infinitely more enjoyable then going out
-My parents are now sources of valuable counsel and friendship
-Dinner parties, wine tastings and art exhibits are a consistent part of my social calendar
-I read and enjoy books that have no traces of pictures, wizards, vampires, characters, or fight scenes.
-I organize my receipts, bills, insurance forms and retirement plan information in labeled folders
-And last but not least... I am still currently living and in good health after living completely independently for seven years

That's all I can think of at the moment.
So I guess the point is... I do what I want, compadres.

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