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Thursday, March 31, 2011

random thought

Someone asked me today if I would rather be told the honest, possibly hurtful, truth or an insincere lie designed to make me feel better. For example, a new haircut or a poem I wrote. My knee-jerk reply was, "I would rather someone be honest with me. " But after I thought it over, I thought that it doesn't really matter all that much if my haircut is truly awful, the poem I wrote is terrible, or the picture I painted looks like it was done by a drunk monkey. In reality, (my reality, more specifically) all that really matters is why I did what I did and how that makes me feel about myself. I wrote a poem to express feelings, I painted a picture as an outlet for creativity, and I cut my hair because I needed a change. Therefore, it doesn't matter if it's terrible. But if you verbally invalidate what I have done, you then invalidate why I did it as well. I will no longer feel adequately expressed or creative, and I will see myself as having changed for the worse. I would rather have the lie, because it doesn't matter if what I have done is sub par. What matters is how I feel about myself. So unless I am looking to improve through constructive criticism, lie to me so I can walk tall with my head held high, terrible hair cut and all.

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