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Saturday, June 25, 2011

10 quirky facts (stolen from Amber Rose)

I stole this from Amber Rose at Laughing With Broken Eyes (She's a dear, check out her blog... I mean it!), a list of 10 quirky facts about me. I have oodles but these are the most prevalent/interesting, I think.
1. I sing. constantly. I hum, whistle, or sing when I am bored, thinking, sad, nervous, happy, busy, and I suspect even sleeping. This can be very frustrating to others, especially when I have a certain song stuck in my head. But see, the thing is, when I sing a song I can hear the song in my head so I don't realize I am singing. I'm just listening to music.
2. I love the smell of my own hair. When I was little I used to ball my hair in my hand and suck my thumb as a comfort thing.
3. When I meet someone, I have to say their name immediately after they tell me or I will forget forever.
4. I compulsively lie to strangers, most times to make myself seem more interesting or to make the conversation flow better
5. My favorite feeling in the world is my hands in flour. But I love touching most soft things.
6.When I walk on sidewalks, I take shorter or longer steps to avoid stepping on cracks.
7. I get really grouchy if I go too long without listening to music, or if I go for too long without a hug.
8. I love to combine words or shorten words. For example, totally= totes, chocolate+ latte= chatte, etc. Yes, I am aware of how juvenile and obnoxious it is.
9. No matter where I am, I feel at home if there is a cat around.
10. When I eat colored candies like M&Ms, I arrange them in rainbow order and eat them until there are equal amounts of each color, then finish them in rainbow order.

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