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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3

The day has just begun, so I may edit this post if much more happens. As much as I love the adventuring, "roughing it" spirit, I will say that a motel beats the pants off of sleeping in the car. Woke up early for some in-room aerobics, then showered and had a continental breakfast of Raisin Bran as a nod of the head to Don Miller in "Through Painted Deserts". (Read it if you haven't) Breakfast was an experience. I spilled my coffee, offering a mumbled apology of, "I'm nothing but trouble..." to the kind employee who helped clean up the mess. I watched "The Colbert Report" and enjoyed my cereal, despite almost feeling the six people in the room wonder what the hell I was doing there. Every time anyone asks me who I am and what I am doing, I make up a different story... for funsies, really. If I'm figuring out who I am, why not try on a few different personas? So far I've been an aspiring writer moving to Portland, a traveling musician auditioning for a band, and a new graduate on a pilgrimage searching for my place in the cosmos. I call it, two lies and a truth. Luckily, the last and truest has felt the best to me. Also, I've discovered that finding quaint coffee shops to meet people and read at is hard. Not every city has a coffee culture and so far the only places I have been able to find have been starbuck's. Oh well.

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