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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I was walking... (inspired by my sister)

I was walking and thinking,
(which is the only thing I can do while walking.)
And felt safe and confident on the edge of a cliff
Then I realized that two feet
24 inches
was all that separated me from death (or at least many broken bones)
How close we all are to the end
A few steps to the right or left
A quick turn of the car wheel to the same
And our futures will vanish without so much as a whispered protest
Yet my actions stink of invincibility
My voice betrays my confidence (as if I will never have a last word)
Perhaps it's best, if I knew the danger surrounding my every moment,
I would never be on this cliff.
I would have missed this view.
And I would have never so foolishly given my heart to you,
the most dangerous thing in my life.

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