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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet nothings

Many words describe me as a woman; independent, headstrong, loyal, and at times jealous... but the word that describes best my heart is without a doubt ROMANTIC. I wish I could deny it, but something leapt within me as I read the immortal words of proud Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, watched Molly Ringwald kiss Jake over the light of her birthday cake, and listened to "In Your Eyes" blast on the boombox held by a lovesick John Cusack. There is something about these unabashed gestures of affection that reaches a part of the human heart nothing else quite can. Mind you, I am not a typical girl... I detest the notebook and gag at cheesy chick flicks, but I will never forget the romantic things said to me in earnest. The words of my prom date upon seeing me for the first time, a profession of love from a high school flame, or the small, loving gestures shown by a dear friend. I treasure these words and actions in my heart like pearls, taking them out and putting them on in the mirror when I need to feel pretty. Ugh... gross.

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