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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Guess where I am, friends... MADRID!!!! I arrived this morning (the time change threw me off... 3am my time, 9am their time) and was picked up at the airport. I made a new friend on the plane, a student from UCLA studying abroad for a month. we talked about getting people together to go to downtown Madrid this weekend, i really hope that all works out. yay for new friends in unfamiliar places! I met my camp director and my host family, they are all just the most amazing people. my host family is fantastic and i am already feeling at home. they are introducing me to all kinds of new foods and experiences, and helping me practice my spanish. tomorrow is training day for camp on monday, i am so nervous but also really excited. my host parents are alberto and concha, my 16 yr old host brother is quillermo, and my 21 year old host sister is Celia. they are so welcoming and friendly. the only thing thats hard to get used to is the standard greeting, which is a double cheek kiss.I must admit, I am not used to being that close to perfect strangers but i am getting the hang of it. oh and also, the meal time is so strange. they have lunch around 4 and dinner around 10! very very strange. but the food is fantastic. i will write more later but for now we are all going to the pool to escape the oppressive heat. farewell from Spain!!

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