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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Madrid, dia dos

One day down, I feel like i have been here a week already. I love the pace of Tres Cantos (TC is a small community outside of Madrid) because they live life slowly, and with enjoyment. They enjoy each other´s company, they enjoy meals, and they enjoy living each day to the fullest. ¨Work to live, not live to work¨, as my host father says. Today was training day at the English camp. they assigned us to groups (I´m doing sports for a group of 4th graders) and prepped us on what to expect for the next two weeks. I have made some amazing new friends, the volunteers here come from all over the world. There are groups from Arizona, California, England, and Sweden to name a few. I am enjoying practicing my very limited Spanish, they are all very patient with me. It is beautiful here, and the food is just amazing. This saturday the group plans to travel to Segovia, where many of the ancient architecture still stands. Also, my host family and I are planning a trip to the mountains for hiking. Friends, i can not describe how wonderful it is here. I would not hesitate to move to Spain, not one bit. But don´t tell my mom!!! (Te amo, madre!! ;P )

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