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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Madrid, day 5

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, after camp I hopped the train with 4 camp counselors and jetted to downtown Madrid. The city was gorgeous, we saw a phenomenal cathedral and an Egyptian temple. The cherry on the sundae was the fantastic (but expensive) tapas bar in the Plaza. I plan to return to the Plaza Mayor because I did not actually do any shopping, just sightseeing. After a long, long day of being a turista, I returned home around 11pm just when the family was sitting down to dinner. We talked and ate until 12, then a skype date with my lovely boyfriend. I felt bad because I was so exhausted from the day's activities that I could barely carry on a coherent conversation. Today was another great day at camp. My group continues to grow closer as the days go by, one of my girls even brought me a home made bracelet! Preciosa!! I brought them all gifts of American money, which they loved. Camp is physically and mentally exhausting, but I am really enjoying my time. I have never been a camp counselor before and have been doubting my leadership skills. But I got some encouraging words from the camp organizer, which instilled more confidence in my performance. More tomorrow!

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