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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Madrid, dia I don't know, I lost track

Wow. What an incredible week this has been. I said a heartbreaking goodbye to my group of girls from English Camp, I will dearly miss those little monos. I hope to keep in touch via email/snail-mail. Spent the evening with the family, and the next day we traveled to Concha's village. It was the most quaint, glorious example of classic Spanish architecture and a simply beautiful landscape. Spent the day eating an incredible feast, laughing with the grandparents and uncles at the house, going for walks through the countryside, and napping. At the house there were a multitude of fruit trees that you could eat right off of. Plums, apples, grapes, nuts, and mirabelles. They were mind-blowingly amazing. Around 7 Celia and I left for her grandparents flat in Madrid, which we had all to ourselves for the weekend. We got dressed, ate dinner, and hit the downtown area. The party scene on Saturday nights is nuts, and if you are two young girls walking, men approach you every block or so and offer free drinks if you will visit their club. We paid for one drink the entire night. After much dancing and beating off the boys with sticks, we took the bus home and collapsed exhausted into our beds. Today we went a outdoors flea market for most of the afternoon. It was magnificent, so much great stuff I wanted but all I bought were two friendship bracelets for Celia and I and a hand-crafted leather book cover. Tomorrow is my last day here, I am verklempt. (it's yiddish, look it up) I have grown to love this family, this city, and this country. America, I love you dearly but now that I have breathed the Spanish air, yours will never smell quite as sweet.

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