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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A bit of wisdom

This is a bit of wisdom that I have recently acquired. It seems simple, and I am almost sure I have read it before somewhere... perhaps on a box of cereal? But it took me till now to understand it. When you align yourself with anyone, a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, the intimacy level and commitment level need to be as equal as possible. I have a habit of becoming extremely intimate with people very soon after I meet them because I am so open and honest (and by intimate I do not mean physical intimacy, rather emotional/spiritual intimacy). Then if the friendship or relationship takes a bad turn, it is that much more painful because of how much of myself I shared and poured into that person. But if I had waited, established a deeper connection and had a good idea that it would stand the test of time, I could have slowly eased into that level of intimacy. Men, be cautious with the hearts of the women around you. The heart is like a room within a room within a room within a room. As you get to know her, she will open new doors and allow you closer and closer to the core of who she is. But you have no right to demand entrance to that innermost place unless you plan and expect to stay there a very, very long time. Commitment must match intimacy. So simple, why did it take me till now to realize?

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