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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lonely Hearts Club

My house is filled with brokenness. Three girls, three newly ended relationships. Luckily, we are able to console each other and use each other's experiences in our own lives. I have noticed a pattern in each of us, and it roughly follows the Kubler-Ross model of grief. It looks a little bit like this:
1. Denial- "I'm fine, I'm better off anyway." "This is only a short break, we're gonna get back together."
2. Anger- "I hate that %&F&^$!! Eat $#!# and die!!!"
3. Bargaining- "Maybe if I lose some weight, act sweeter, date someone else and make him jealous... we'll get back together."
4. Depression- "I miss him so much! Why doesn't want to be with me??"
5. Acceptance- "It's for the best, I need to find someone that treats me how I deserve to be treated."

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