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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cheer up, buttercup

I've been feeling blue lately, so for kicks and giggles and to cheer myself up, I'm going to make a list of things that make me glad to be alive. You should do the same!

Skipping rocks. Mixing ice cream and warm brownies. Old book smells. Putting my hands in bowls of flour. Letting ladybugs use my fingertips as launching pads. Climbing trees. Watching squirrels eat. Watching tv wrapped in a warm blanket. Biking really fast through the woods. Skeleton keys. Making people laugh. Trying new things. Finishing a book. Painting my nails. Playing music or listening to a really good song. Babies laughing. Sunglasses. Sunsets, sunrises, puffy clouds. Standing on my head and pretending the ceiling is the floor. Coffee smells. Polishing silver. Antique shops. Bubble tea. Hearing people talk about things they are passionate about. Complimenting people. Old watches. Books with notes written in them. Hearts. Frozen grapes. Cold pizza. Pancakes with peanut butter. Holding hands. When it's raining even though the sun is out. Storms. Making faces. New pennies. Wearing other peoples' watches.


  1. I'm going to eat pancakes with peanutbutter and think of you! :)

  2. i love books with notes in them, too!

    and i also love reading lists of things that make people glad ;)