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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dance with me, lead me

Once I danced with a talented swing dancer. "I have two left feet... no, SIX left feet", I exclaimed in protest as he took my hand with a saucy grin. "Trust me... just keep walking", he whispered as the panic started to make my fingers shake. I did as I was told, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other as his strong, confident grip spun and moved me. We were dancing, though I don't know a step. My life feels much like that dance felt. I have no idea what I am doing here in this town, in this life. I hear that same whisper, saying "Trust me... just keep walking". As I periodically look around, I realize that my partner, my leader, my Savior is perfectly choreographing, directing, and guiding me with His strong hand. All I had to do was reach out and take the hand waiting to lead me to the dance.

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  1. Yes. There are so many things God has shown me through swing dancing, and it's so true. Being a good Follow means not predicting, just keep following the energy of your Lead.