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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secret Book

I should really have more secret treasures. I went antique shopping with a friend and spotted an old leather bound book that caught my eye. I flipped the pages, relishing the rich scent of time and paper ( I love the smell of old books) and couldn't resist taking it home. I am not one for destroying literature, but I saw in a movie once someone who cut the pages out of a book to hide secret treasures in, and decided I wanted to do the same. So I spent the better part of an hour creating a cove for all my secret treasures, when I realized... I have none. I have no valuables, no racy love notes, no special trinkets to hide in my book. Sure, I have a handful of shameful secrets I hide from prying eyes, but I hide them in my heart, in a different book I have spent years carving out. And though I keep them safely tucked away, I'm sure they will be brought to light just like whatever I put in my book will likely be rousted from its hiding place. Everything done in secret will be brought to light someday, so they say. Perhaps secrets are overrated....

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  1. how are we the same person???
    i did the same with an encyclopedia.
    i cut it just small enough to not be able to fit hardly anything... and i couldn't think of anything to put in there anyhow...

    so i used it to pass secret message of no importance to Grace, just to bug Chris because he didn't understand why were being so covert about lending each other encyclopedias.