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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

Dancing is my favorite because it's like singing with the body! I also love to sing (which one might argue is like dancing with the voice). I went out to the dancey bars tonight with the people I work with, we hit the dance floor and we hit it hard. It was packed to the walls but people made room for us, but mostly because they were afraid they would get hit with wildly flailing punches and kicks. I was definitely the one dancing like I was intoxicated, but I was also the only one not drinking. I dig people who don't worry about what they look like while dancing, JUST MOVE YA BODY! How do you dance, you may ask? Allow me to break it down into two easy steps:

1. Put your hands in the air.

2. Wave them like you just don't care.

Got it? Good. I'll see you on the dance floor in five.

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