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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Formality and salad forks

Please... let's not stand on formality.
 I dislike politesse for politesse's sake. I think the strict rules of high society is just another way to divide and classify people who are, at their core, essentially the same. Many a wonderful and memorable conversation has been squelched to maintain a sense of formality, and our pomp and frill only serves to keep others at an arms length. Don't look at the tags on my clothes, don't look at the brand of my shoes. Look me in my eyes and let us share a pot of tea and find something we have in common, which I am guessing is more than either of us would have ever guessed. Also, what is up with salad forks? Who cares which fork you use for dinner and which you use for salad? Shoot, I'll just have soup.


  1. I feel like I should have been paid for you using my photo. ;)

    I love your blog, Stephanie. And I'm SO happy for you. I love reading about your far-away life, because I feel like when we see each other in person, it's almost in passing. Thanks for blogging faithfully. Please keep it up.

    <3 K

  2. I agree i love this post its so beautifully written nice blog.